Aaron Willison Wins Second Straight Rory Price Memorial At Evergreen Speedway

Aaron Willison Wins Second Straight Rory Price Memorial At Evergreen Speedway

Aaron Willison Wins Second Straight Rory Price Memorial At Evergreen Speedway

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Aaron Willison Wins Second Straight Rory Price Memorial At Evergreen Speedway

By Ben Deatherage

(Photo Courtesy of Brent Kuhl)

Monroe, Washington- The NSRA Winged Sprintcar Series would team up with the WESCO Sprint Series for the 2018 Rory Price Memorial at Evergreen Speedway on Saturday, August 4th.  There would be thirty-one cars in attendance at the Monroe, Washington facility.


Winston, Oregon teenager Kyle Alberding, in the Art Holte owned entry, set the tone early and took over the top spot in the main event.  He would remain there until the first caution came out.  On the ensuing restart Matt Hein, from Roseburg, Oregon, made it passed him to get to the lead.  However, it wouldn’t be for that long as Alberding hunted Hein down in traffic, reclaimed the position, and started to check out. 


Kyle Alberding was on his way to victory until his left rear went down with just a mere four laps to go.  It would give Aaron Willison the coveted position.  Willison, from Langley, British Columbia and running for car owners Rod and Gord Rendle, was not out of the woods just quite yet as he had a determined Matt Hein hot on his tail.  However, Willison managed to keep him in check and pick up the victory, his second straight Rory Price Memorial, and his first win of the 2018 NSRA Winged Sprintcar Series campaign.  Aaron also would win the Hardcharger Award after starting fourteenth in the feature.


Matt Hein was a respectable second over third finishing Ron Larson, making the long journey from Quesnel, British Columbia.  The balance of the top five would consist of Langford, British Columbia’s Jeff Montgomery, grabbing fourth, and nearby Snohomish native, Reece Goetz, in fifth.


Aaron Willison would break the track record during time trials with a 12.906 and amazingly five other drivers would be under the previous record.  Heat race winners were Winston, Oregon’s Andy Alberding, Reece Goetz, Cobble Hill, British Columbia veteran Randy Price, and Matt Hein.


The NSRA Winged Sprintcar Series next heads to Western Speedway, located just outside of the Vancouver Island city of Victoria, on August 17th and 18th for the historic Daffodil Cup weekend.  Be sure and stay up to date with the NSRA Sprint Series by visiting the series website at www.nsraracing.com . Also, check out the official Facebook page and click “Like” to follow the tour via your favorite electronic devices.


Race Results:

Rory Price Memorial

Saturday, August 4th, 2018

Evergreen Speedway

Monroe, Washington


Qualifying: 1. 14-Aaron Willison; 2. 33J-Jeff Montgomery; 3. 12-Ron Larson; 4. 7D-Randy DuBois; 5. 98H-Matt Hein; 6. 12N-Cameron Neisinger; 7. 32-Ryan Orchard; 8. 76-Andy Alberding; 9. 33-Kyle Alberding; 10. 21P-Randy Price; 11. 28-Colton Nelson; 12. V23-Aiden Spiers; 13. 65-Levi Rose; 14. 57-Billy Kennelly; 15. 5-Reece Goetz; 16. 4-Greg Middendorf; 17. 25J-Tristen Spiers; 18. 25Z-T.J. Sneva; 19. 32-Mitch Holte; 20. 44-Todd Coleman; 21. 36-Jason Thomas; 22. 00-Tom Root; 23. 19K-Kyle Secord; 24. 71-Aaron McPeak; 25. 69-Justin Wedekind; 26. 4C-Corey Carpenter; 27. 40-Josh Knopp; 28. 2-Adam Smith; 29. XX-Russ Root; 30. 1-Ray Jones; 31. 01-Duane Haligreen


Heat 1: 1. 76-Andy Alberding; 2. 44-Todd Coleman; 3. 7D-Randy DuBois; 4. 4-Greg Middendorf; 5. V23-Aiden Spiers; 6. 71-Aaron McPeak; 7. 2-Adam Smith


Heat 2: 1. 5-Reece Goetz; 2. 12-Ron Larson; 3. 28-Colton Nelson; 4. 32-Ryan Orchard; 5. 32-Mitch Holte; 6. 19X-Kyle Secord; 7. 40-Josh Knopp; 8. 01-Duane Hallgren Jr.


Heat 3: 1. 21P-Randy Price; 2. 33J-Jeff Montgomery; 3. 25Z-T.J. Sneva; 4. 12N-Cameron Neisinger; 5. 57-Billy Kennelly; 6. 00-Tom Root; 7. 4C-Corey Carpenter; 8. 1-Ray Jones


Heat 4: 1. 98H-Matt Hein; 2. 33-Kyle Alberding; 3. 14-Aaron Willison; 4. 25J-Tristen Spiers; 5. 69-Justin Wedekind; 6. 65-Levi Rose; 7. 36-Jason Thomas; 8. XX-Russ Root


B Feature: 1. 28-Colton Nelson; 2. 65-Levi Rose; 3. 36-Jason Thomas; 4. 00-Tom Root; 5. 2-Adam Smith; 6. 71-Aaron McPeak; 7. 4C-Corey Carpenter; 8. 40-Josh Knopp; 9. XX-Russ Root; 10. 1-Ray Jones; 11. 01-Duane Hallgren Jr.


A Feature: 1. 14-Aaron Willison; 2. 98H-Matt Hein; 3. 12-Ron Larson; 4. 33J-Jeff Montgomery; 5. 5-Reece Goetz; 6. 76-Andy Alberding; 7. 21P-Randy Price; 8. 25J-Tristen Spiers; 9. 28-Colton Nelson; 10. 7D-Randy DuBois; 11. 4-Greg Middendorf; 12. 36-Jason Thomas; 13. 32-Mitch Holte; 14. 57-Billy Kennelly; 15. 00-Tom Root; 16. 69-Justin Wedekind; 17. 32-Ryan Orchard; 18. 33-Kyle Alberding; 19. 12N-Cameron Neisinger; 20. 44-Todd Coleman; 21. 65-Levi Rose; 22. 71-Aaron McPeak; 23. V23-Aiden Spiers; 24. 25Z-T.J. Sneva