Matt Hein Wins NSRA Season Opening Rick Brown Super Shoe

Matt Hein Wins NSRA Season Opening Rick Brown Super Shoe

Matt Hein Wins NSRA Season Opening Rick Brown Super Shoe

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Matt Hein Wins NSRA Season Opening Rick Brown Super Shoe

By Ben Deatherage

(Photo Courtesy Of Brent Kuhl)

Roseburg, Oregon- The 2018 Season Opener for the NSRA Winged Sprintcar Series would occur on Saturday, May 19th, at Douglas County Speedway.  The lone visit on the tour schedule to the Beaver State would be at the 4/10-mile oval hosting the Rick Brown Super Shoe.  Nineteen entries from the American states of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho along with the Canadian province of British Columbia were all in attendance.


Ryan Orchard, of Sidney, British Columbia, would set the pace for some time before being over taken on the nineteenth circuit.  It would Roseburg’s Matt Hein making the move, shortly after a restart, and from that point on he would flex his muscles.  Hein went on to dominate the rest of the distance to win the feature and claim his third career Super Shoe.


Ron Larson, of Quesnel, British Columbia, was second but unfortunately did not pass postrace and handed over the runner-up position to Jeff Montgomery, from the Vancouver Island city of Langford, British Columbia.  Winston’s Andy Alberding would end up third.   The balance of the top five finishers would consist of Aaron Willison, from Langley, British Columbia and racing for car owners Rod and Gord Rendle, in fourth followed by fifth finishing Ryan Orchard.


The NSRA Winged Sprintcar Series next heads to Idaho’s Meridian Speedway for the famed Diamond Cup.  The event will take place over the course of two nights beginning on Friday, June 8th, and concluding on Saturday, the 9th.  Be sure and stay up to date with the NSRA Sprint Series by visiting the series website at Also, check out the official Facebook page and click “Like” to follow the tour via your favorite electronic devices. 


Race Results:

Rick Brown Super Shoe

NSRA Winged Sprintcar Series Race #1

Saturday, May 19th, 2018

Douglas County Speedway

Roseburg, Oregon


Qualifying: 1. 33J-Jeff Montgomery; 2. 98H-Matt Hein; 3. 14-Aaron Willison; 4. 12-Ron Larson; 5. 33-Kyle Alberding; 6. 12N-Cameron Neisinger; 7. 76-Andy Alberding; 8. 25Z-T.J. Sneva; 9. 28-Colton Nelson; 10. 32R-Ryan Orchard; 11. 41R-Thomas Richardson; 12. 7D-Randy DuBois; 13. 5-Reece Goetz; 14. 36-Jason Thomas; 15. 32-Mitch Holte; 16. 65-Levi Rose


A-Feature: 1. 98H-Matt Hein; 2. 33J-Jeff Montgomery; 3. 76-Andy Alberding; 4. 14-Aaron Willison; 5. 32R-Ryan Orchard; 6. 7D-Randy DuBois; 7. 28-Colton Nelson; 8. 41R-Thomas Richardson; 9. 5-Reece Goetz; 10. 32-Mitch Holte; 11. 36-Jason Thomas; 12. 33-Kyle Alberding; 13. 25Z-T.J. Sneva; 14. 12N-Cameron Neisinger; DNS 65-Levi Rose; DNS 00-Tom Root; DNS 3-Robert Beck; DNS 4-Greg Middendorf; DQ 12-Ron Larson