Aaron Willison Scores Huge Win At Rory Price Memorial With Royal Purple NSRA Winged Sprintcars

Aaron Willison Scores Huge Win At Rory Price Memorial With Royal Purple NSRA Winged Sprintcars

Aaron Willison Scores Huge Win At Rory Price Memorial With Royal Purple NSRA Winged Sprintcars

Aaron Willison Scores Huge Win At Rory Price Memorial With Royal Purple NSRA Winged Sprintcars

By Ben Deatherage

(Photo Courtesy of Wildlight Motorsports Photography)

Monroe, Washington- The Royal Purple NSRA Winged Sprintcars would return to racing on Saturday, July 29th, after over a month off since the Diamond Cup at Idaho’s Meridian Speedway.  The event would be at Evergreen Speedway for the annual Rory Price Memorial.  Twenty-nine entries would make the trip to the Monroe, Washington 3/8-mile paved mile representing the states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho as well as the Canadian province of British Columbia.


Jason Thomas, of Granite Falls and racing for car owner Eddie Isaacson, would seize the initial lead.  Thomas would remain there for some time until a caution would come out on lap four to bunch the entire field up.  On the ensuing restart, Aaron Willison would get to the front.


Despite starting the main event in eighteenth it only took the Langley, British Columbian, of Willison, six laps to overtake Jason Thomas for the coveted top spot.  Willison would check out from the rest of the field and set a torrid pace but a lap twenty-nine red flag would evaporate his incredibly large distance from the second place car.


Once the racing resumed it would be a shootout to the finish between Aaron Willison and Johnny Giesler.  Giesler, out of Meridian, Idaho, would slip past Willison on lap thirty only for Willison to retake the spot on lap thirty-six.  Giesler mounted a late race charge to try and get around Willison but would get collected resulting in him out of contention for the victory.


Aaron Willison would cruise the rest of the way to collect the checkered flag and win his first every Rory Price Memorial.  The triumph comes after so many strong runs from the team but was prevented from occupying victory lane for one reason or the other.  Willison is also the fourth different winner in as many races in 2017 with the Royal Purple NSRA Winged Sprint Cars.


Winston, Oregon’s Andy Alberding was second followed by Garrett McLees, from Olympia, in third.  The rest of the top five finishers would consist of Tristen Spiers, out of Adrian, Oregon in the Joey and Sarah Moore entry, in fourth and fifth finishing Meridian, Idaho chauffeur Colton Nelson.


Jeff Montgomery, of Langsford, British Columbia, was the fastest driver in time trials earlier in the day.  Heat race winners were East Wenatchee’s Tim Halliday, Jason Thomas, Colville driver Levi Rose, and Montgomery.  Randy DuBois, now residing in Redmond, was the winner of the evening’s consolation feature.


The Royal Purple NSRA Winged Sprintcars head to Western Speedway, in Victoria, British Columbia, for the historical Daffodil Cup on August 11th and 12th. Be sure and stay up to date with the Royal Purple NSRA Winged Sprintcars by visiting the series website at http://www.nsraracing.com. Also, check out the official Facebook page and click “Like” to follow the tour via your favorite electronic devices.
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Race Results:

Royal Purple NSRA Winged Sprintcars Race #4

Rory Price Memorial

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Evergreen Speedway

Monroe, Washington


Qualifying: 1. 33J-Jeff Montgomery; 2. 41-Aaron Willison; 3. 57-Billy Kenelly; 4. 25J-Johnny Giesler; 5. 33-Kyle Alberding; 6. 3-Robert Beck; 7. 8-Tristen Spiers; 8. 14-Trevor Miran; 9. 76-Andy Alberding; 10. 41R-Thomas Richardson; 11. 12-Ron Larson; 12. 44-Todd Coleman; 13. 7D-Randy DuBois; 14. 1T-Tony Thomas; 15. 32-Mitch Holte; 16. 28-Colton Nelson; 17. 4-Greg Middendorf; 18. 12N-Cameron Neisinger; 19. 0-Garrett McLees; 20. 2H-Tim Halliday; 21. 65-Levi Rose; 22. 1-Jason Thomas; 23. 51T-Aiden Spiers; 24. 9-Bert Johnson; 25. 12C-LeRoy Hudson; 26. 10X-Kyle Secord; 27. 9J-Jeff Jewell; DNQ 25Z-T.J. Sneva; DNQ 12S-Shawn Carlson


Heat One: 1. 2H-Tim Halliday; 2. 1T-Tony Thomas; 3. 12-Ron Larson; 4. 4-Greg Middendorf; 5. 9J-Jeff Jewell; 6. 9-Bert Johnson


Heat Two: 1. 1-Jason Thomas; 2. 28-Colton Nelson; 3. 0-Garret McLees; 4. 41R-Thomas Richardson; 5. 7D-Randy DuBois; 6. 10X-Kyle Secord


Heat Three: 1. 65-Levi Rose; 2. 76-Kyle Alberding; 3. 44-Todd Coleman; 4. 12N-Cameron Neisinger; 5. 32-Mitch Holte; 6. 51T-Tristen Spiers; 7. 12C-LeRoy Hudson


Heat Four: 1. 33J-Jeff Montgomery; 2. 8-Tristen Spiers; 3. 14-Trevor Miran; 4. 25J-Johnny Giesler; 5. 3-Robert Beck; 6. 41-Aaron Willison; 7. 57-Billy Kenelly; 8. 33-Kyle Alberding


B Feature: 1. 7D-Randy DuBois; 2. 32-Mitch Holte; 3. 51T-Tristen Spiers; 4. 9-Bert Johnson; 5. 10X-Kyle Secord; 6. 12C-LeRoy Hudson; 7. 9J-Jeff Jewell; DNS 25Z-T.J. Sneva; DNS 12S-Shawn Carlson


A Feature: 1. 41-Aaron Willison; 2. 76-Andy Alberding; 3. 0-Garrett McLees; 4. 8-Tristen Spiers; 5. 28-Colton Nelson; 6. 57-Billy Kenelly; 7. 14-Trevor Miran; 8. 1-Jason Thomas; 9. 12N-Cameron Neisinger; 10. 12-Ron Larson; 11. 32-Mitch Holte; 12. 25J-Johnny Giesler; 13. 2H-Tim Halliday; 14. 51T-Aiden Spiers; 15. 9-Bert Johnson; 16. 33J-Jeff Montgomery; 17. 1T-Tony Thomas; 18. 7D-Randy DuBois; 19. 4-Greg Middendorf; 20. 41R-Thomas Richardson; 21. 3-Robert Beck; 22. 65-Levi Rose; 23. 44-Todd Coleman; 24. 33-Kyle Alberding