Tony Thomas Wins Shortened Diamond Cup Prelim Feature At Meridian

Tony Thomas Wins Shortened Diamond Cup Prelim Feature At Meridian

Tony Thomas Wins Shortened Diamond Cup Prelim Feature At Meridian

Tony Thomas Wins Shortened Diamond Cup Prelim Feature At Meridian

By Ben Deatherage

Meridian, Idaho- Meridian Speedway would host the opening night of the 2017 Bob FM Diamond Cup presented by Star Diamonds on Friday, June 2nd for the Royal Purple NSRA Winged Sprintcars.  The event has a long storied history going as far back as the late 1980’s.  Twenty-six entries would fill the pits representing the state of Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah, and California as well as the Canadian province of British Columbia.


The main event would witness Adrian, Oregon’s Tristen Spiers get out in front of the field to lead the opening lap in the Joey and Sarah Moore owned entry. However, a lap one caution would bunch up the field right back up.  On the restart Tony Thomas, out of Mill City, Oregon, obtained the top position and officially led the second circuit. Thomas remained there for quite some time before being passed on lap nineteen by Johnny Giesler.


Giesler, out of Meridian and driving for Spiers Jackson Racing, started in sixteenth place and had made an incredible surge to the front.  Unfortunately, he would be caught up in a lap twenty-four incident in turn four forcing him to go to the tail of the field.  It would give Tony Thomas the lead once more.


On the ensuing restart a massive six car crash on the front stretch would bring about another stoppage.  Roseburg, Oregon’s Matt Hein, the defending Diamond Cup champion, would get caught up in the wreckage and would require the paramedics to attend to him.  Sadly the race would have to eventually be called prematurely as the 11:00 PM curfew was approaching and being that the race was past the halfway mark it would be recorded as a complete race.  Hein was conscious and in communication with the safety officials and was transported to the local hospital to be diagnosed with a compound fracture to his T6 vertebrae.


Tony Thomas was declared the victor while Tristen Spiers finished second.  Winston, Oregon’s Andy Alberding made it an entire all Oregon top three and Bryan Warf, of Meridian, was fourth.  Corey Lockwood, from Nampa and driving for the Stanton Family, placed fifth to complete the top five.


Matt Hein set fast time of the night while Bryan Warf bested the field in the trophy dash.  Heat race winners were Warf, Johnny Giesler, and Corey Lockwood.


Tickets are $18.00 for Adults, $15.50 for Seniors/Military, $6.50 for Kids (7+), FREE for Kids (6 and Under), and a Family Pass is $46.00.  Front Gates open at 4:00 PM and Racing gets kicked off at 6:30.  For more information log on to


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Race Results:

Bob FM Diamond Cup presented by Star Diamonds Night# 1

Royal Purple NSRA Winged Sprintcars Race #2

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

Meridian Speedway

Meridian, Idaho


A Feature: 1. 1T-Tony Thomas, ; 2. 8-Tristen Spiers, ; 3. 76-Andy Alberding, ; 4. 91-Bryan Warf, ; 5. 71-Cory Lockwood, ; 6. 28-Colton Nelson, ; 7. 12-Ron Larson, ; 8. 68-Mike Anderson, ; 9. 41-Aaron Willison, ; 10. 3-Robert Beck, ; 11. 77-Matt Elliott, ; 12. 14-Trevor Miran, ; 13. 7D-Randy Dubois, ; 14. 15-Eric Humphries, ; 15. 98H-Matt Hein, ; 16. 33-Kyle Alberding, ; 17. 25J-Johnny Giesler, ; 18. 43-Kyle Bergener, ; 19. 98-Ken Hamilton, ; 20. 7V-Thomas Harrod, ; 21. 26-Justin Segura, ; 22. 12M-Aaron McPeak, ; (DNS) 27-Alan Maclean, ; (DNS) 22-Lynn Sharp, ; (DNS) 32-Mitch Holte, ; (DNS) 13-Stacey Jensen,


Dash: 1. 91-Bryan Warf, ; 2. 41-Aaron Willison, ; 3. 98H-Matt Hein, ; 4. 25J-Johnny Giesler,


Heat 1: 1. 91-Bryan Warf, ; 2. 1T-Tony Thomas, ; 3. 26-Justin Segura, ; 4. 7D-Randy Dubois, ; 5. 76-Andy Alberding, ; 6. 77-Matt Elliott, ; 7. 98-Ken Hamilton, ; 8. 12M-Aaron McPeak,


Heat 2: 1. 25J-Johnny Giesler, ; 2. 8-Tristen Spiers, ; 3. 14-Trevor Miran, ; 4. 32-Mitch Holte, ; 5. 12-Ron Larson, ; 6. 3-Robert Beck, ; 7. 33-Kyle Alberding, ; 8. 22-Lynn Sharp, ; (DNS) 27-Alan Maclean,


Heat 3: 1. 71-Cory Lockwood, ; 2. 28-Colton Nelson, ; 3. 68-Mike Anderson, ; 4. 15-Eric Humphries, ; 5. 41-Aaron Willison, ; 6. 98H-Matt Hein, ; 7. 43-Kyle Bergener, ; 8. 7V-Thomas Harrod, ; (DNS) 13-Stacey Jensen,


Qualifying: 1. 98H-Matt Hein, ; 2. 25J-Johnny Giesler, ; 3. 91-Bryan Warf, ; 4. 41-Aaron Willison, ; 5. 3-Robert Beck, ; 6. 76-Andy Alberding, ; 7. 15-Eric Humphries, ; 8. 33-Kyle Alberding, ; 9. 7D-Randy Dubois, ; 10. 28-Colton Nelson, ; 11. 12-Ron Larson, ; 12. 77-Matt Elliott, ; 13. 43-Kyle Bergener, ; 14. 14-Trevor Miran, ; 15. 26-Justin Segura, ; 16. 68-Mike Anderson, ; 17. 32-Mitch Holte, ; 18. 98-Ken Hamilton, ; 19. 71-Cory Lockwood, ; 20. 8-Tristen Spiers, ; 21. 1T-Tony Thomas, ; 22. 7V-Thomas Harrod, ; 23. 22-Lynn Sharp, ; 24. 12M-Aaron McPeak, ; 25. 13-Stacey Jensen, ; (DNS) 27-Alan Maclean,

Thomas, Warf, Stro